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Why do I need a petsitter?

 Do you ever go away on business or personal trips?

 Do you work long hours?

 Maybe you are injured or disabled and cannot properly care for your pets.

Whatever the reason, consider Angels Love Petsitting!

What is Pet Sitting?
The definition of pet sitting is “the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away.”  

How does the service work?
Whether you are on vacation, spending long hours at work, or away for an unexpected trip, you can be assured that your pet is being well cared for in his or her home environment.  With our service your animals are able to stay in their own home where they are comfortable and secure. You don’t need to inconvenience family and friends by asking them to look after your pets.   We come to your house one, two or threes times a day to do whatever you need.   While pet sitting, we will, at no additional charge, pick up your mail and newspapers and rotate your lights or blinds as needed or requested.  Your home is made more secure by these crime deterrent measures.

We feed and water your pets, walk your pets,provide exercise and play time, love and affection, treats (if allowed), administration of oral and topical medications and vitamins, litter box cleanup, clean up pet accidents, turn on radio and television for pets.  We also offer extended daily dog walking if you work long hours and your pet needs a mid-day walk or just extra playtime.  Our loving care extends to providing emergency trips to your vet or a local 24 hour emergency veterinarian facility should your pet become ill while you are away.    As every situation is unique, we ask that you call us to discuss your pet’s personalized fee schedule. 

We do not provide overnights, live-ins, pet taxi or boarding; however, we work with other pet-care professionals who do offer these services and we will be happy to provide you with referrals.  We are also happy to provide you with referrals for veterinarians who can provide professional care for your pets.    

What is the next step?
Book your reservations in advance. For the initial visit, we will set up an appointment to meet you and your pet(s) in order to obtain information about individualized care for your pet(s), complete our comprehensive questionnaire, sign the contract for services, and obtain keys to your home.  We maintain a ready-key program should you wish to leave keys on file with us.  This service allows us to take future reservations over the phone or via email. 

We offer a discount to those pet owners who are Ready Rabbit Program members, senior citizens* or those who have referred pet owners to Angel's Love (Cat's Meow Program).  We give loving care to all of the paws in your family.  We are happy to provide you with a list of references upon request.  Please see our contact information area for telephone numbers as well as mail and email addresses. 

*Seniors must be 58+ years young with valid AARP card.
Call us for further details on all available discounts.